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LG as of late dispatched several truly novel cell phones as of late, the LG Wing and LG Velvet Dual Screen. Both of these cell phones have some truly intriguing and one of a kind highlights, with the Wing including a turning show and the Velvet highlighting a truly cool plan and double screen uphold. Indeed, in this article, I will zero in on the LG Velvet Dual Screen on the grounds that at its cost of Rs. 36,990, it appears to be a very decent alternative. All in all, what makes the LG Velvet Dual Screen energizing? Here are 4 highlights that make the LG Velvet Dual Screen an energizing new cell phone:

The Design

The LG Velvet Dual Screen has a glass and metal plan that is one of the most invigorating plans of 2020. The front has a bended presentation and that is pleasant however the feature here must be the back. To be completely forthright, I truly like the diverse angle variations of the LG Velvet Dual Screen yet we have the Black variation and it looks smooth, moderate and current. The best part about this back is that it has a minor camera knock on the fundamental camera sensor while the remainder of the cameras sit totally flush with the plan. Also, there’s no huge camera pattern or anything and that looks exceptionally novel.

The LG Velvet Dual Screen configuration likewise has lead highlights. There’s IP68 rating for water and residue opposition, MIL STD-810 G toughness accreditation, sound system speakers, remote accusing along of things like the microSD opening. These are leader includes that we don’t generally get in this value range.

By and large, the plan of the LG Velvet Dual Screen is a most engaging aspect concerning the telephone, particularly on the grounds that it joins great looks with leader highlights.

Double Screens

Going to what’s unquestionably the enormous feature of the LG Velvet Dual Screen, the double screen frill. This is sold independently however you can get this and the telephone at Rs. 44,990. Anyway, the double screen frill, which incidentally, connects pretty effectively to the telephone raises the cell phone insight of the Velvet to another level. Most importantly, simply utilizing a telephone with double screens is loads of fun and furthermore, I like that the auxiliary showcase is equivalent to the fundamental presentation. Both the showcases are 6.8″ P-OLED FHD+ presentations of a similar quality. There’s likewise the outer monochrome screen, or Cover show, which shows you the time and warning symbols.

Going to the helpfulness of the double screens, there are number of approaches to utilize the double screens. You can utilize it to perform multiple tasks. You can open up a YouTube or Netflix on the auxiliary showcase while you are browsing out messages on Gmail or simply perusing on Chrome on the primary presentation. You can even utilize the optional showcase as a gamepad on upheld games and regardless of whether a game doesn’t upheld gamepads, you can modify things to ensure you can utilize the gamepad on your number one game.

There are a great deal of different things you can do with the double screens here to improve the experience and there are a ton of different choices in the skimming double screen symbol in LG’s UI. It allows you to kill on or the double screen or even put the primary screen to bed. It allows you to trade screens and even empower wide perspective on upheld applications, with the goal that you can have one application like Chrome stretch over the two screens.

The double screens are unquestionably one of the USPs of LG Velvet Dual Screen and it accomplishes function admirably for performing various tasks and gaming, specifically.


LG has consistently been unobtrusively inventive with regards to cell phone cameras, so it’s nothing unexpected that the LG Velvet Dual Screen has a truly proficient camera arrangement. The telephone has a 48MP f/1.8 primary camera, a 8MP f/2.2 ultra wide camera and a 5MP f/2.4 profundity sensor. Specs separated, I have discovered the camera execution from the LG Velvet Dual Screen to be nice so far in my concise utilization. That is to say, the cameras aren’t the focal point of the LG Velvet Dual Screen, so it’s reasonable that it doesn’t have the most awesome cameras.

Aside from the camera quality, there are some LG-explicit highlights like the ASMR mode, which enhances the sound for better sound account and Voice Bokeh, which improves focu on one’s voice while decreasing the clamor from the environmental factors. There’s likewise a Dual Mirror see, which opens up the camera on both the screens. I like to go through this to open the photographs on one screen while catching photographs from the other.

Sight and sound Experience

Another zone where the LG Velvet Dual Screen dominates is on the mixed media front. There are three purposes behind that. First is the presentation. The P-OLED board on the LG Velvet Dual Screen has all the great OLED trails like dynamic quality, profound blacks and great brilliance levels. Second is the double sound system speaker arrangement, which I have discovered to be noisy and genuinely clear for what it’s worth. The third purpose behind the extraordinary interactive media experience are the double screens.

Obviously, the double screen case can adapt to 360-degrees meaning you can really set the LG Velvet Dual Screen in a tent kind of mode, similar to you would on a ton of convertible PCs out there, where you can simply put the gadget and appreciate shows and motion pictures better. That is to say, it’s certainly better than holding the telephone for extended periods of time and ya, the presentation and sound quality do assist with the experience.

In this way, in general, the LG Velvet Dual Screen has a pleasant showcase, a plan that looks staggering and accompanies highlights like the IP68 rating and remote charging and there’s the large USP, the double screen extra help, making the LG Velvet Dual Screen a pretty fascinating alternative with regards to its value range.

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